Is the silicone harsh on skin?
No! The silicone is very soft, flexible and gentle on skin. 

If I boil the Nappy Cream Applicator will the color come off?
No, we’ve tested this quite extensively. The color and the shape remains. Once restored to room temperature, the suction base will become functional. This brush is also dishwasher friendly!

Is there an age restriction to using this product?
Absolutely not. This product was uniquely designed to be used by adults and children. It preserves dignity enough to be used by older adults, allows great use for thicker/thinner based creams and works well for diaper rash cream for infants/children.

What is the size of the Nappy Cream Applicator?
The mini brush is approximately 10cm in height and the large size is approximately 16cm in height. 


Does the suction base adhere to any surface?
The suction base is strong and will adhere to most dry and flat surfaces. It will not adhere to a wall for a long period of time. 

Do not hesitate to reach out to us for any further questions related to Babycentials!