The Brand

Allow me to introduce myself!
My name is Chantelle, I am a wife, mother of two, and the founder of Babycentials, along with the support of my amazing husband Wally. 

Babycentials came to my mind when I gave birth to my second child early 2022. I was on the hunt for a nappy cream applicator, as I believe it was not hygienic to be applying it with my fingers. I was also annoyed at the fact every time I applied a cream, it would be stuck under my nails.

 Upon researching I was not able to find anything, this is when Babycentials Nappy Cream Applicator came to my mind. I knew it was something I needed, and many other parents would love also.

 When applying any creams or ointments to the tooshee you must wash your hands before and after, let me say I am guilty of not doing this each and every time I change a nappy. However, by not doing this, you put your child at risk of a UTI.

I know many people will think “oh ill just keep using my fingers” “that’s
the silliest product ever” but I know for a fact once you use this product
you won’t live without it and wish it was available to purchase sooner.

Our products are designed to make changing nappies easier for all
parents’ and give that touch of style to parenthood. I believe the products.
We produce are essential and a must-have for every parent.

I have carefully thought about each product and wished something like
these were around when I had my firstborn. If it is something we love we.
believe you will love it also!

Babycentials products are designed and hand packed in Melbourne