Justin & Leigh Khoo

"After using this product for the last few days we can’t tell you how much of a saviour it is for your hands and when it comes to nappy changes!
All those times we get sudo cream on our hands then Bub ends up grabbing some while he’s wriggling around and then having to try and get a baby wipe quick enough to wipe it all up..there is no more of that in our household now! It is so multi purpose with any cream and also the travel size is one of our main essentials in our nappy bag now. Definitely a must have!"


"The Tooshee baby cream applicator is a game changer! It’s made applying nappy rash cream so much easier — it helps me get the right amount of product every time, it applies so smoothly and it means no more getting it stuck under my fingernails! It’s a more hygienic way to apply creams too so it feels good to know I’m protecting my baby’s delicate areas. Such a must-have product!"


"Been waiting to find a product like this! My daughter suffers really bad nappy rash and when I use my fingers to apply cream she screams cause of how painful it is !"


My name is Chantelle, I am a wife, mother of two, and the founder of Babycentials, along with the support of my amazing husband Wally.  I hope you love Babycentials' products as much as I do!